Philosophy Student Advisory Committee (PHILSAC)

Philosophy majors can serve on the Philosophy Student Advisory Committee which meets a few times each quarter to discuss the business of the department and to provide feedback on class scheduling, curriculum, hiring, alumni relations, and the use of College Based Fees in the department. For more information about the Philosophy Student Advisory Committee (PHIL SAC), contact the department chair.

2019-20 Meeting Schedule

  • Wednesday October 9th, 6:10 - 7:30 PM, Building 47, Room 37C (Philosophy Department Office)

2019-20 Committee Leadership

  • Ian Bubier, Committee Chair

2018-19 Committee Leadership

  • Amber Miller, Committee Chair, Fall and Winter
  • Natalie Kerr, Committee Vice Chair and Secretary, Fall and Winter
  • Shelby Trudeau, Committee Chair, Spring
  • Ian Bubier, Vice Chair and Secretary, Spring

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