Philosophy Scholarships

The Cal Poly Philosophy Department is awarding two scholarships for Philosophy majors:

Edmond, Myrtle and Karen Joseph Scholarship

The Edmond, Myrtle and Karen Joseph Scholarship Endowment was established by Karen Joseph in honor of her parents, both of whom were raised during the Great Depression. The scholarship supports students in the College of Liberal Arts who have overcome some personal Adversity. 

Award: $1500 for a Philosophy Major


  • Major: Philosophy BA with continuing enrollment in Fall 2024
  • Class level: Open
  • Minimum GPA: 3.0
  • Preference to any of the following:
    • Students who have overcome adversity, personal tragedy or hardships. 
    • Students from Cal Poly Partner High School
    • Students with financial need. 

John S. Maher Scholarship

The John S. Maher Scholarship Endowment supports upper division students enrolled in either the College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences, College of Liberal Arts or the Orfalea College of Business and have demonstrated an interest in their major, Cal Poly, and the community. 

Award: $2400 for a Philosophy Major


  • Major: Philosophy BA with continuing enrollment in Fall 2024 
  • Class level: Junior or Senior
  • Minimum GPA: 2.5
  • Preference for demonstrated interest in any of the following:
    • Their major
    • Cal Poly
    • The community


Applications due by 5/20/2024
Awards determined by 6/7/2024

Application Procedure

To apply, use the secure general scholarship application process through the Cal Poly Portal. Refer to the Financial Aid Office for application assistance. More information about Cal Poly Scholarships is also available from the Financial Aid Office. 

Application Guidance

Philosophy majors can apply to both of these scholarships with one application. The Philosophy Department faculty who review the applications will determine eligibility for either or both scholarships based on your GPA and class level. You can check that qualifying information on your Poly Profile. 
These scholarships have different preferential criteria according to their mission, as stated above. In your single scholarship application you should provide the necessary written information about the preferential criteria for any and all the scholarships for which you are eligible. Not the filling out the general scholarship application means that you are automatically applying to a wide range of additional scholarships beyond the two listed above.
Students with the PHIL BA as a second major can still apply for these scholarships. If you are a double-major, or if you have any questions about how to complete the application for these scholarships, please email or make an office hour appointment with the department chair, Professor Brown

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