Zoom Research Workshop: "More Process, Less Principles: The Ethics of Deploying AI and Robotics in Medicine"

Dr. David Schwan (Central Washington University) and Dr. Amitabha Palmer (University of Texas)

Friday, April 29th (12:10 - 2:00PM) via Zoom


Current national and international guidance for the ethical design, development, and deployment of AI and robotics emphasizes ethical theory. Various governing and advisory bodies have generated sets of ethical principles which institutional decision makers are encouraged to apply to practical decisions. Institutional decision making surrounding the deployment of new advanced technologies must pay more attention to the nature of the process by which decisions are rendered. Ethically sound decision making requires that the process by which medical institutions make such decisions include democratic, deliberative, and conservative elements. Our slogan is “more process, less principles.”


David Schwan is a Lecturer in Philosophy and Religious Studies and the Director of the EthicsLab at Central Washington University. He holds a PhD in applied philosophy from Bowling Green State University. His research is in applied ethics and moral psychology, particularly the role of emotion and advanced technologies in medicine. He is also currently hosting community discussions on the good life, and public workshops on improving moral dialog. 

Amitabha Palmer is the Clinical Ethics Fellow at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas. He holds a PhD in Applied Philosophy from Bowling Green State University. His research is in political philosophy, social epistemology, and medical ethics, especially the ethics of advanced technologies in medicine and the challenges posed by medical misinformation to healthcare policy and clinical practice.

The talk will be available through Zoom. The Zoom link is on the Philosophy Major and Minor Canvas site.



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