Religious Studies Program

The Cal Poly Philosophy Department houses a Religious Studies program with a wide variety of courses in GE and a Religious Studies minor.

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Between the Species

Between the Species online journal logoAn online philosophy journal about the relationship between humans and animals.
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Ethics Group

Cal Poly's Ethics + Emerging Sciences Group focuses on the implications and impact of emerging sciences and technologies.
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2018-2019 Research Workshop Series

"The Eligibility of Rule Utilitarianism"
David Mokriski
Friday, May 17th from 12:10-2 PM in 22-210 (English bldg)

"What is Justified Certainty?
Arnel Blake Batoon
Friday, April 19th from 12:10-2 PM in 22-210 (English bldg)

"Does Hume Solve Skepticism? 
Jason Collins
Friday, March 1, 201 from 12:10-2 PM in 33-289 (Clyde P. Fisher Science Hall)

"The Possibility of Permissible Wrong Doing
Sherri Lynn Conklin
Friday, November 16th from 12:10-2 PM in 22-210 (English bldg)

"Grappling Hooks and Anchors: The Function of Singular Thought
Kyle Dickey
Friday, October 12th from 12:10–2:00 PM in 22-210 (English bldg)

About the Cal Poly Philosophy Research Workshop Series 

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