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Student Essay Contest

Philosophy Writing Contest2018 Deadline is April 19th.
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Student Essay Contest

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The Philosophy department wishes to thank Peleg Amzalag, Dr. Christine Aguilar, Kathryn Bremer-Bauman, Prof. Linda Bomstad, Mr. John Conte, Mr. and Mrs. Donald S. Delay, Ms. Kendra French, Linda Halisky, Mike Mancini, Joshua Peterson, Mr. Marcus Sandoval, Mr. Nicholas Shantar, Edward Taylor, and Miles Wallace for their generous support of the Student Essay Contest.

Winners of the Essay Contest

  • 2018: Will Trammell, "Interdependence in Hegel's Lordship and Bondage"; 2nd prize: Armando Ruiz, "Rethinking Robert Nozick's Entitlement Theory with Systematic Injustices"
  • 2017: Tristan Noack, "Architectural Modernism and Schopenhauer's Philosophy of Architecture"; 2nd Prize: Ryan Livigni, "Kant and the Sublime in Music"
  • 2016: Lorenzo Nericcio, "A Kantian Defense of the Analytic-Synthetic Distinction"  Second Place Tie: Caleb Gotthardt, "Being and Goodness" and Regina Hurley, "A Kantian Account of Ugliness"
  • 2015: Tristan Noack, "Kant’s Transcendental Ideas"; Second Prize: Austin Due, "The Problem of Desire in Peter van Iwagen’s The Problem of Evil”
  • 2014: Jordan Rowley, "Trouble for Trope Theory: How Mathematical Intuition Challenges the Ontology of Tropes."
  • 2013: Jordan Rowley, "The Overlooked Merit of Berkeley's Criticism of the Leibnizian Calculus"
  • 2012: (tie) Alison Bode, "Nietzsche's Misogyny and the Order of Rank" and Jeffrey Traughber, "Kant's Transcendental Schematism as Answer to Berkeley and Hume"
  • 2011: no winner
  • 2010: Anna Flaherty, "A Priori Knowledge and Justification"
  • 2010: Nathan Wood (Rigo Peña Scholarship winner), "Problems with Power in Locke's Essay Concerning Human Understanding"
  • 2009: Steven DeLay, "Investigating Conscious Experience from the First Person Perspective"
  • 2008: Brandon Clark, "Freedom, Moral Responsibility...Internal Consistency? Kant's Account of Free Will and the Phenomena-Noumena Distinction"
  • 2007: Brian Bushman

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