Philosophy Club

Spring Quarter Meetings via Zoom

See the Philosophy Club page in the Philosophy Student Collaboration Canvas site for the Zoom link (requires Cal Poly Portal login).

About the Philosophy Club

Philosophy Club fosters a community of all who are interested in philosophy. We are an inclusive club—open to anyone and everyone. Philosophy Club hosts weekly meetings with thought-provoking discussions led by students; meetings also consist of faculty lecturers speaking and various social events. We are always looking to grow!

Club Leadership

Shelby Trudeau

Vice President
Brian Williams

Sterling Lankford

Social Outreach Coordinator
Gianna Lucareli

Faculty Advisor
Zach Rentz

How to join

Please feel free to reach us at with any questions.

Upcoming meeting information

Due to COVID-19, we have transitioned to virtual meetings via Zoom. Tune in Mondays from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. The link for access to our meetings is above. Hope to 'see' you all there.

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