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Becoming A Philosophy Minor

To suit the needs of a wide variety of students, we try to keep the Philosophy Minor Program as flexible as possible. It is generally possible to substitute alternative Philosophy courses (except for PHIL 126) for the ones specified in the catalog. The Philosophy Minor Advisors, Professor Brown or Professor Lynch, will be happy to discuss with you the available options for customizing the Philosophy Minor program to your needs.

To apply for the Philosophy minor please fill out the Philosophy Minor Declaration form for the catalog you are under and return it to the Philosophy Department for processing. This declaration form goes to the Evaluations office and, once processed, allows you to track your progress towards completing the Philosophy minor. Any changes to your plan for completing the minor will require another declaration form to be signed and processed before graduation. In most cases this form will have to be submitted twice: once when you first declare the minor and (unless you follow the curriculum exactly with no substitutions) a second time near graduation when the courses you will actually use to fulfill the minor requirements are set.

Note that PHIL 101 will no longer be a requirement for the Philosophy minor. Those who have already taken PHIL 101 will continue to have that requirement satisfied. But, those who have not yet taken PHIL 101 can substitute any other Philosophy course for that requirement.

If you have any questions about the Philosophy minor, please contact advisors Professor Brown or Professor Lynch.

The Philosophy Minor

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