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Joe Lynch

PHIL Major and Minor Advisor

Contact Information


  • Ph.D., Philosophy, The Claremont Graduate School (1992)
  • M.A., Religion, The Claremont Graduate School
  • B.A., Virginia Commonwealth University

Professional Interests

  • Philosophy of mind
  • Philosophy of religion

Courses Taught

  • PHIL 422: Philosophy of Mind
  • PHIL 342: Philosophy of Religion
  • PHIL 320: Asian Philosophy
  • RELS 307: Buddhism
  • PHIL 231: Philosophical Classics - Ethics & Political Philosophy

Selected Publications

  • Review of Michael Murray’s Nature: Red in Tooth & Claw for Faith and Philosophy 29 No. 4, October 2012.
  • Review of Animals as Biotechnology by Michael Twine in Journal of Animal Ethics 2, 2, Fall 2012.
  • “Buddhism, Daoism, and Dudeism” in The Big Lebowski and Philosophy (ed. Peter S. Fosi), Wiley-Blackwell. 2012.
  • Confessions of a Tattooed Philosopher” in I Ink Therefore I Am: Philosophy and Tattoos (ed. Robert Arp), Wiley-Blackwell, 2012. 
  • “Suffering, Spirituality, and Sensuality: Religion and the Blues,” in The Blues and Philosophy, (ed. Abrol Farweather and Jesse Steinburg.)  Wiley-Blackwell, 2012.
  • “God, Zombies, and Animals,” Agora 30, 2, Fall 2011.
  • “Plato Versus Shaolin Warriors on the Nature of the Self” in Beatings and Nothingness: Martial Arts and Philosophy (ed. Priest and Young) Open Court Press 2010.

Chief Editor: Between the Species

Chair of the Society for the Study of Philosophy and the Martial Arts

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