Religious Studies Program

The Cal Poly Philosophy Department houses a Religious Studies program with a wide variety of courses in GE and a Religious Studies minor.

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Between the Species

Between the Species online journal logoAn online philosophy journal about the relationship between humans and animals.
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Ethics Group

Cal Poly's Ethics + Emerging Sciences Group focuses on the implications and impact of emerging sciences and technologies.
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Recent News

Research Workshop on "Does Hume Solve Skepticism?"

Mar 1, 2019

Jason Collins (UCSB Grad Student)

March 1, 2019,12:10 - 2:00 pm in 33-289 (Clyde P. Fisher Science Hall)


Lecture on "When Social Media Companies, Research Ethics, and Human Rights Collide"

Feb 19, 2019

Dr. Mary L. Gray  will offer a new human-data research paradigm for technology’s next wave of social worlds in her talk "When Social Media Companies, Research Ethics, and Human Rights Collide."

Ethics & Emerging Sciences Group

Feb 14, 2019

Ethics & Emerging Sciences Group

Patrick Lin, philosophy professor and Director of Ethics + Emerging Sciences Group, and Zachary Rentz, philosophy lecturer, traveled to Reykjavik, Iceland to attend Emerging Artistic Conflicts, Laws, and Ethics Workshop on June 18-19, 2018. The discussion involved the implications of political and economic competition in the Arctic Region as new land and resources become accessible due to climate change. For more information visit the E+ESG website.

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Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl

Feb 14, 2019

Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl

Ethics Bowl is a team-based intercollegiate debate competition covering a range of current events and controversies in applied ethics. Cal Poly sends one or two student teams each year to compete in the a Regional Ethics Bowl competition, where students debate and discuss cases with college teams from California, Utah and Arizona.

Success in Ethics Bowl competition requires students to apply their philosophical training to provide oral arguments on the spot about moral issues on topics ranging from fake news to privacy, gun control, autonomous cars and weapons, international relations and new medical technologies. The team qualified for and was invited to compete in both the 2017 and 2018 Ethics Bowl National Championships. Our students traveled to Dallas, TX in 2017 and Chicago, IL in 2018 and competed against the top teams in the nation.

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Professor Patrick Lin and Ryan Jenkins' Fellowship

Jan 25, 2019

Professors Patrick Lin and Ryan Jenkins became fellows at the Karel Čapek Center for Values in Science and Technology, based in Prague where they are also co-organizing a workshop on the ethics of autonomous vehicles, to be held in late June 2019.


Research Workshop on "The Possibility of Permissible Wrong Doing"

Nov 16, 2018

Sherri Lynn Conklin (UCSB Grad Student)

Friday, November 16th from 12:10-2 PM in 22-210 (English bldg)

"Real Knowledge from Made-up Things: Kierkegaard on Thought Experiments"

Nov 11, 2018

Eleanor Helms presented a paper titled "Real Knowledge from Made-up Things: Kierkegaard on Thought Experiments” at a meeting of the Fordham Philosophical Society, held at the annual meeting of the American Catholic Philosophical Association in San Diego on November 11, 2018.

The paper was published in Kierkegaard Studies Yearbook (2018).

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Cal Poly Advocacy Project

Nov 9, 2018

Representatives from the Debate Team and Ethics Bowl teams will discuss laws and policies restricting hate speech advance the cause of racial intolerance.

Friday, November 9th, 2018, @ 6pm
Dark Nectar Coffee Roasters
5915 Entrada Ave., Atascadero, CA

Support the nationally ranked Cal Poly Debate Team and Philosophy Department's Ethics Bowl team.

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Professor Patrick Lin on AI, Society and Technology Ethics

Nov 8, 2018

Professor Patrick Lin participated in two recent expert meetings in the SF Bay Area: one on AI and society, organized by The Royal Society UK and held at Stanford on Nov. 8; and the other on technology ethics at the World Economic Forum's Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution at the Presidio on Nov. 9.

Professor Jenkins on Responsible Artificial Intelligence

Nov 7, 2018

Professor Ryan Jenkins spoke on the ethics of responsible AI development at the University of Waterloo in Canada, covering topics like algorithmic bias, transparency, and intellectual property. The talk can be found here


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